Ramsbottom CC 175+ Anniversary

In 2020 the Club reached its 175th anniversary but any plans to celebrate this milestone were spoilt (along with much more in 2020) by the pandemic. With the roadmap out of lockdown now published we are looking forward in 2021 to a more normal cricket season and to make up for lost time by celebrating our “175+” anniversary.

We are planning a series of events over the year as part of this celebration culminating in a Gala Ball on Friday 19th November.  We will announce further events during the Summer and the key feature of the year will be to raise funds to help to keep Acre Bottom as one of the top cricket facilities in the area. Work needs to be done around the ground to maintain the facilities and the clubhouse and pavilion both need a facelift. With lockdown restricting our opportunity to make money through the bar and from functions we are aiming to build up some much needed cash to fund these projects.

As well as looking back with pride on our history we are also looking forward to make sure there are many more anniversaries to celebrate. We have refreshed our logo and for 2021 it will include the “175” ribbon.  We have also refreshed our website so please have a look round for news, interviews, photos and much more. During the season there will be regular teams news and match reports along with announcements for our 175+ events.

We look forward to seeing you this year and celebrating our 175th anniversary.

Logo with Ribbon