Ramsbottom 2nd XI v Walsden 2nd XI – June 6th 2021

RCC 223 for 5 (45 overs) WCC 131 All Out (34.4 overs)

Scorecard here


The seconds finally laid their Walsden hoodoo to rest with a comprehensive win at Acre Bottom on Sunday. Feted to play the chirpy Yorkshiremen seemingly twice as often as everyone else, the regular defeats, even when close, had become a drag and suggested a different approach might be worth a go. They like a bit of pace on the ball so why not take it off. They like it straight down the barrel so why not tickle the edges of the plate a bit more. These are second teamers though so the plan is the easy bit, executing it is harder. Mike Tyson’s famous quote that everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face is always in the back of the mind.

Before a well thought out bowling plan can be attempted however it helps to win the toss and post a total that’s defendable. Dack called correctly but his flipping technique violated league rules so a re-toss was ordered. His second effort passed the RPM test, landed correctly and, when posed the question for the second time, unsurprisingly had no hesitation in opting for first use. After a couple of early wickets, man of the moment Alex Olpin was joined by Sam Price, son of Mark and new father of Albert. Probably the most technically gifted of this band of brothers, the gift is often offset by a desire to run before he can walk. Not today however as he dug in and helped the Pin put on 105 for the third wicket. Both at their best when looking to score, counter-attack was the order of the day as the pair milked singles and punished the bad ball with ease. 

On 49 he overstretched and was stumped but Olpin (85) was still in and it was a surprise to many when he was bowled within sight of a third century before the end of Spring. Excellent work so far but 153 would normally be nowhere near enough against these so a little late kick was required. Step forward Owen Collinge (40) and Jack Thomond (37) who combined hard hitting and sharp running to put on 70 in the last seven overs to close on 223.

It was an unfamiliar Walsden that emerged after tea. Needing five an over they usually set off at ten and look to ramp it up from there. Whether it was the big field or the opening attack they seemed reluctant to unleash their normal pyrotechnics. Credit to Phil Heaton for putting us in the middle but I’d like to think the latter was the biggest factor. Owen Collinge (2-33) was asked to bowl quick and back of a length and he did. Matt Burdaky (3-22) brought his full tool box of in and out swingers, cutters, sliders and off-speed balls in the finest Pecker, Pickles tradition.

A third of the way through, at first drinks Walsden were 54-2 with Fiaz khan and Captain Lord set. Two overs later and the Bird had changed the dynamic, encouraging the skipper to knick off, cleaning up Mobasher and then staying calm to catch Fiaz when Ryan Storey (2-28) got the dangerman to pop one high up into the covers. Brad Wilson (3-18) was brought on to close out the innings and victory was finally secured against these most dogged of opponents

Back by popular demand – Running Total of Extras Conceded* by

RCC 2nd XI                          188

Opposition 2nd XIs            159

* 7 league & 1 Cup matches