So we beat the league leaders. Hussah! This is becoming a habit. Possibly a futile habit but a pleasing habit none the less. Having reached the turn with precisely zero victories and firmly anchored at the bottom of the league, received wisdom was that this was the worst Ramsbottom team in living memory. Wisdom not from our friends around the league but from our very own intelligentsia I’m afraid. I’m not so sure and here’s why.

Since the turn, despite a weary effort against Clitheroe and a couple of games called off without a ball being bowled we have now beaten two teams who were top of the league at the time, and had two more abandoned when in highly promising positions, one of them against, you’ve guessed it, the top of the league.

As a gambling man I’m very aware that the odds are firmly against us. We’d be 4/9 to go down at best I’d say but plenty of those bankers have scuppered my Yankees over the years so there’s always hope. We play the three teams immediately above us and a strangely stuttering Norden so who knows. As the song says Birdy’s on fire and if the sun comes out I can see Bilal running through a team or too. He’s been outstanding since he joined us and his numbers don’t yet match his contribution to the cause. I know he’s very keen to correct that.

Finally as the old saying goes: Beware the Wounded Partridge. The fledgling number cruncher may have been relieved of his captaincy duties rightly or wrongly in recent weeks but he’s our leading active run scorer and if I was to take 4/9 on anything at the moment it might just be a match winning Parton ton before the season ends.

Benjamin Michael Dack