Dear Members

We hope that you are safe and well in these troubled times. It has been a difficult 2020 on many fronts but we can assure you that the club is still in a strong position ready to meet any further challenges in 2021. Our income this year has obviously been massively affected by lockdowns, bar closures and a truncated cricket season but we have managed all this quite successfully and with grants from the Government to help as well .

We don’t want this to be all doom and gloom as when we played cricket we were in contention on all fronts ! We also welcomed our girls and ladies teams and we hope that they enjoyed the experience. Jonathan Fielding has announced his retirement from cricket and he is going to put his vast experience to use as Vice Chairman of the Cricket  Committee. One other committee member who needs a special mention is Peter Spencer who has spent many hours in the last months navigating us through some stormy waters.

Unfortunately we missed out on celebrating our 175th anniversary this year but maybe we can do that in the near future.

Everyone stay safe and enjoy the holidays and we look forward to seeing you at Acre Bottom next Spring.