It’s with great sadness that these words must be written as we announce that the world has lost a great man, Derek Read within the last week.

Derek’s family, friends and Ramsbottom Cricket Club are heartbroken after Derek passed away last Saturday morning, 30th April, after a short time in hospital.

There are so many stories and memories which many people could share about Derek that a book could be written, a film produced, a play directed and still there would be enough of these anecdotes to fill many sequels of each. 

One thing for sure is that you would finish each chapter in fits of laughter without getting to the end of the story which would sum Derek’s storytelling up very aptly for those who had the pleasure of being in his fine company.

He was one of a kind, who would start a tale, tangent into several other tales and not finish one of them. In true Derek style, you would be captivated by every word, laughing and giggling whilst trying to work out which tale he was actually telling you about, many thought that he playfully did this on purpose.

Derek was a proud and hard-working man, so much so, its only 4 weeks ago that he had been helping on the bar refurbishment at Acre Bottom. Ramsbottom Cricket Club was a place very close to Derek’s heart, he’d been Bar Manager, Team manager and Groundsman as well as doing continued maintenance work which he was very happy to do, mainly as a volunteer. A true member of Ramsbottom Cricket Club.

A Life member of the club, Derek could always be found with his friends and family around the ground enjoying a pint and bringing smiles and pleasure to everybody he met and spoke with. His affectionate manner was matched with a funny, mischievous side which made him a favourite with many people.

Derek was a good amateur footballer, tough, uncompromising and a mate you were glad to have on your team, he was part of the founding group of Ramsbottom United Football Club. For those who didn’t know, Derek was also a ball room dancer, skilled joiner, actor (The Grimleys, 1999), followed the England Cricket Team to Australia and the West Indies and has featured in many cricketers’ autobiographies over the years. This is a testament to how Derek had a wonderful skill of becoming friends with many people. He was simply, lovable.

There will be many tales and stories which will be shared by folk from many corners of the world and each one will leave you with a smile and memories that will last a lifetime.

Derek, you will be greatly missed by all that had the pleasure and privilege to know you, a character in every sense of the word, a husband, father, grandfather, brother, uncle and friend. We will all miss you dearly. Derek you were really one of a kind. 

Derek was often heard asking, “who’s round is it now?” On this occasion, Derek, its all our round for you and we will raise a glass to a funny, loving and charismatic man who will be missed beyond comprehension by Patsy, Melanie, Charlotte and Simon, his grandchildren, brothers, wider family and friends.

Cheers to Derek Read