As we move on into the summer with our new sponsor Formulated Polymers, I do not think anyone would begrudge us if we reflect a little on the contribution made to the Club over the last few years by John Fox.

Clearly, we need to acknowledge the financial support provided by Liberty SIPP as the sponsor but there is more to what John has done (and we hope he will continue to do) for the Club. No-one will miss his red socks as he played for the Traders, 3rd and eventually the 2nd team – a man making the most of his natural cricket ability. What we also saw was regular support and energy into making the club a good place to socialise – the karaoke machines, DJs, Summer Balls and ample bottles of champagne did not just appear by magic.

John is not afraid of hard work either, one example being a willing volunteer to help clear up after the Great Flood of 2015. Arriving at the ungodly hour of 7:40 am on a cold January morning about to start another shift of shovelling mud and all sorts off the ground. At least he arrived dressed in the appropriate attire for some sh*t shovelling

He’s is a familiar face on the benches in front of the club house, often bottle in hand chatting to all and sundry. On a sunny day he is the man under the hat protecting his sensitive Celtic skin. We all hope to continue to see him at the club, although hopefully he will have learned his lesson about mosh pits and free bars for men of a certain age, so he feels a little brighter 🙂

All clubs need a good mix of members to make things tick along and John is definitely one who makes his full contribution.