Join the Ramsbottom Cricket Club ‘Century Club’ to be in with a chance of winning cash prizes every month.

Ramsbottom CC ‘Century Club’

The first draw will be made in June, so complete the application form today & either 

A.  Hand in the  application form to the Secretary at the Committee Room,


B.    Post to Carol Rothwell, the Club Secretary at Kays Cottage, Sheep Hey Farm, Leaches Road, Shuttleworth BL0 0ND.

‘Century’ Club Q’s & A’s

1) How much is it?

It’s £3 per month per “unit”. If you want more numbers (units) it’s multiples of £3 per month.

 2) How do I get an application and how do I pay for my number?

The form is available at the club, on the website under membership and was posted out with membership renewals. You can also tweet, email or message our Facebook account to ask for a copy.

 3) When is the draw made?

Once a month at the committee meeting, the first draw is in early June.

 4) What is the prize?

There will be monthly prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd numbers drawn. 1st prize £75, 2nd £50 and 3rd prize £25.

 5) If I haven’t paid for my number do I still win?

No. Only those members up to date with payments will receive the prize money.

 6) Is the prize money the same every month?

Yes unless we have more than 100 members in which case we intend to hold a bumper Xmas draw with larger prizes.

 7) Can I have more than one number?

Yes – you can have as many as you want at £3 per month per number.

8) Where are the results published? 

We will publish them on the club’s website, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook accounts.