Hang on, I am here!

Meet the Pro night back on!!!!!!!
Ramsbottom Cricket Club

And then, all of a sudden, the “Meet the Pro Night” is back on.

After checking his diary, Seni has told us that he is here on the 27th April and the Meet the Pro event is back on.

So, forget your new plans, tell those friends that you’ve not seen for a while that unfortunately the cat is sick, get back in touch with the baby sitter, dust off your glad-rags and get down to the club on the 27th for 7:30pm as everything is back on.

There are no tickets as entrance is free, food will be available from Sandra’s at her normal rates (hopefully there will be trifle) and there is a chance of Karaoke as well.

Hopefully this will give us all the opportunity to meet Seni and fingers crossed he can carry a tune!

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