Q&A with 2nd team captain Jonny Dack

It’s been a year since we first went into lockdown, how has it gone for you personally? 

It’s obviously been hard work for everyone. Having said that the weather was largely decent first time round and although the last few months have been more challenging, having football, cricket and horse racing to look forward to has meant it could have been a lot worse. 

We had a truncated 2020 season. How did you find it? 

Fair to say it could only get better after the first game. I’ve not scrolled though the records (obviously) but can’t imagine there’s been many occasions where the captain has over-seen a collapse as impressive as that in his first outing as skipper. 

After that I thought we faired okay. Some good performances over rivals Lowerhouse and Hassy, and a brilliant chase against Burnley led by Ben Parkinson would go down as highlights. Obviously frustrating to go out in a semi at Walsden. I felt like we had plenty in hand turning up on the day and to go out limply was disappointing. 

What positives and negatives did you see from last year’s format? 

Firstly, the very fact we played so many games was a positive and those who organized the various Valley comps and the T20 at Tod deserve great credit. 

As for the league I thought the format was good. It was the only real viable option to split it up and adopt the group and knockout approach which put great emphasis on winning every game making for some good contests. The switch to 40 overs had little impact on us from a cricket standpoint. If anything, it just meant the likes of Matthew Burdaky and Nick Round were drunker earlier than normal. 

Moving onto this year, how is the squad looking? 

It’s been well documented that there have been several outgoings over the Winter and that is invariably met with negativity and pessimism, but I tend to see it as an opportunity for players to step up and make a spot their own. There were a number of players who were in and out last year who probably didn’t deserve to be. Now they’ll get a run in the side and prove that they should have been in there in the first place. 

We have a core of lads who have played a lot of senior cricket and we’ll lean on them a lot to carry the load as the less experienced players learn their trade.   

What goals (if any) have you set the team this season? 

The goal every year is to win trophies. 

Fixture you look out for when published? 

Walsden and Clitheroe in recent years as they’ve been the teams to beat but always look forward to Burnley and Lowerhouse. 

You’ve been around the club for a number of years now. How has it changed over the years? 

Aside from incomings and outgoings probably not too much. The requirement to win and the enjoyment of playing with your mates is still there. It’s been great to be around the place over the past decade in a period where we have done well across all fronts. Hopefully that can continue. 

Title contenders? 

Aside from us, Clitheroe and Walsden 

Junior Cup Winner? 

The Holders 

Player to watch this season? 

Chris Round. Just watching him exist is worth your time.