With the season still a short distance away; we turn our attention to RCC’s winter signings, starting with all-rounder Jake Clarke. Jake is an opening bowler and middle order batsman, who has played 174 Lancashire League matches for former club Accrington CC, even though he is only in his mid-twenties. With 180 wickets and over 1600 runs, Jake will look to contribute heavily this season with both bat and ball for RCC.

Obviously other Clubs were interested in you. What was it that made you choose Ramsbottom?

Ramsbottom seem to be a club that never sit still and are always looking to improve and move forward, there’s a serious engine behind the scenes. I’ve always enjoyed playing my cricket at Acre Bottom and got on with the lads fairly well so seemed a logical place to go.

Have you set yourself any targets for the season ahead? 

No targets, I just want to win games and hopefully some silverware at the end!

Which team(s) are you looking forward to Playing against this season?

Always enjoy playing Lowerhouse.

Tips for honours in 2020?

So hard to call but Division 1, however I’d say it is between Lowerhouse, Walsden and us. Division 2 is again hard; but I’d go between Church and Rishton. In the Cups: Todmorden seem to do well…Lowerhouse and hopefully ourselves again

Thoughts on this year’s Professional announcements?

Some good signings, obviously we know how good Smit is and that’s a massive signing for us boys. Elsewhere, Todmorden with Smuts look good and Burnley with Ockie. Shout-out to Zaidi at Church as well, it’s good to see him back fully! Finally Shaun Von Berg should give Rishton every chance of promotion.

Top 3 favourite grounds in the LL?

Accrington, Rishton, Rammy (obviously)

Who is your all time cricket hero?

Nathan Astle

Hardest opponent you have played against?

Tough question: but I’d probably say Bharat Tripathi – I’m his absolute rabbit!

Now the league has had a season of promotion and relegation. How do you it will affect the league moving forward?

I think the league is going the right way, it needed freshening up badly. Makes teams have more to play for and just makes things a bit more professional I think. Just need to make sure clubs don’t get left behind but other than that so far so good.

Cricket superstitions?

 No superstitions I’m too busy laughing at Simon Hanson’s to have my own.

Favourite drink?

 Vodka Lemonade

Favourite food?


What’s your favourite band or solo artist?


Football team you support? 

Manchester United