Kieren Grimshaw joins the club from Accrington CC along with his able side-kick Jake Clarke. Already an experienced top order batsman who has played 118 Lancashire League games to date and with youth on his side – Kieren has already amassed nearly 2500 runs at a very respectable average of over 26. He also bowls very useful seamers to compliment what is already a strong all-round RCC bowling attack.

Obviously other Clubs were interested in you, what was it that made you choose Ramsbottom? I’ve always enjoyed playing at Rammy and like the sort of cricket that’s played at Acre Bottom. I also believe it gives me a good opportunity in winning trophies.

Have you set yourself any targets for the season ahead? No personal targets really, I just train hard, enjoy it and hopefully that should bring runs and contributions that we all want.

Which team(s) are you looking forward to Playing against this season? I always enjoy playing against Lowerhouse and Walsden, however there are plenty of good games to look forward to this season.

Tips for honours in 2020? I think Burnley and Walsden will be up there again. I don’t see any reason why we can’t be there competing for all silverware.

Thoughts on this year’s ‘Professional’ announcements? Some quality pros been signed and that can only be a good thing for the league and standard of cricket.

Top 3 favourite grounds in the LL? Burnley, Accrington, Todmorden.

Who is your all time cricket hero? Brian Lara.

Hardest opponent you have played against? Mark Cosgrove

Now the league has had a season of promotion and relegation, how do you it will affect the league moving forward? I think that the top division will be really strong and one of best leagues around, the second division might take a couple of years to get going, but I’m sure it will be fine long term.

Cricket superstitions? Don’t have any, no time for them

Favourite drink? Corona 

Favourite food? Chippy

What’s your favourite band or solo artist? New Order

Football team you support? Burnley