We have three senior men’s teams at the Club. All play in their respective Lancashire League competitions.

We joined the Lancashire League in 1892 and we are currently in the top division of the 1st team structure. The team also plays in the Worsley Cup competition. The 1st teams continue with the tradition of having a professional in the ranks, giving local amateurs the opportunity to play alongside and against high quality players. This is a great way to test your own ability and learn from how professionals approach the game.





Our 2nd team is also part of the top division and provides an excellent stepping stone for players looking to play 1st team cricket. They play in a very competitive league with a team mixed with young developing players and those with experience of 1st team cricket. The team also participates in the Junior Knockout Cup competition.




The 3rd team plays in the regional Lancashire League competition. The 3rd team is part of the transition from junior to senior cricket. It provides the ideal opportunity for our junior cricketers to start the journey to senior cricket and to play against and with older more experienced players.

The senior teams have access to excellent practice facilities (grass and mat nets) with coaching provided by our experienced players and the club’s professional. 

If anybody is interested in joining the club please contact us here.