Sheila McQueeney

After 26 years serving as Club Secretary, Sheila McQueeney has decided to step down from the role.

The Club would like to thank her for the hard work she has done during the period although the role gradually expanded over the years from the original “you’ll make the coffee and take minutes at monthly meeting” job description she was given.

A fixture at all home games, dealing with the umpires, players and whatever was thrown at her, Sheila has been an omnipresent figure at the Club who has earned the respect of everyone that she has dealt with.

For overseas professionals, Sheila became a mother figure who was always there to help out with their travel, houses, kit and they were always grateful for how she made Ramsbottom a home from home for them.

Hopefully she won’t be a stranger and we will see her down at matches where she will have the time to watch the games for a change rather than juggling a number of tasks at any one time.

Thank you Sheila