Team News 8 July 2021

This weekend cricket kicks off on Friday night with the Women’s 1st team at home against Burnley in a T20 Pool match.

Saturday sees the 1st and 2nd teams playing their latest league matches. The 1st team are away at Crompton with the 2nd team in the reverse fixture at Acre Bottom. Please note back to the usual 1 pm starts this weekend.

All the team news is here.

Ramsbottom Women’s 1st Team v Burnley (H) Friday – 6 pm

D Hunt (c)
I Young (wk)
G Makin
O Giffard
L Rose
C Weston
A Bingham
S Ullah
R Brown
C Hunter
O Kay

Ramsbottom 1st Team v Crompton (A) Saturday – 1.00 pm

J Dack
A Olpin
K Grimshaw (c)
D Smit
B Fielding
J Clarke
H Caton (wk)
J Thomond
D Pyke
O Collinge
J Dentith

Ramsbottom 2nd Team v Crompton (H) Saturday – 1.00 pm

N Round
M Myers
J Pyke
S Price (c)
B Wilson
R Storey
I Young (wk)
L Pearson
M Burdaky
C Round
T Ireland