Ramsbottom Traders

There has been a “Ramsbottom Tradesman’s Cricket Team” in existance since the late 19th Century. The team’s current incarnation was formed as result of a (potentially drunken) conversation between Paul Morris and Stephen Ryan of the Chocolate Café with Stuart Rothwell from The Vineyard. A mutual love of the game of cricket was combined with a frustration at the lack of opportunities for people of a certain age, ability and thwarted ambition within the town.

Word of mouth spread and a loose game, arranged against a village team from Bolton by Bowland, soon followed. This led to a hastily organised training session, with shared equipment, down at the perfect playing surface at Nuttall Park. It was soon apparent that there was a hint of talent but, most importantly, bucket loads of enthusiasm and they were ready for their first game. Despite getting beat quite comprehensively in the resulting game their passion didn’t dim: they had been bitten by the Cricket bug.

Over the last few years they have travelled the length and breadth of the land playing clubs of varying sizes and abilities – they also have an annual tour to Worcester – which Lee White won singlehandedly in 2013. As the club’s fame travels ever wider offers of games have been received from clubs in Vienna and Benidorm. Negotiations with the respective British consulates at these venues have started in conjunction with the local police and the team are hopeful that these games will be allowed to proceed.

However, the “Traders” status as a travelling team came to an end after playing their first ever home game at Acre Bottom against a strong team from Brooksbottom CC in the 2013 season. Now a fully affiliated team with Ramsbottom CC there will be more games down at Acre Bottom and a concomitant increase in the profits of the Club’s Bar.

The Traders have a roster of close to 30 players and a host of loyal supporters who continue to follow them through thin and thin.

Despite recruiting more and more players, the Traders remain a social team who are always looking for new members. If you are interested in joining the team in an on or off-field capacity they train every Wednesday during the summer at Acre Bottom and Tuesdays in the winter at Woodhey. Call into the Chocolate Café to arrange a trial or buy a pint for the team Captain Stephen Ryan and who knows, you could be playing on the square at Acre Bottom in the very near future.