Like many organisations at this present time, the cricket club are looking to raise money.

It is a difficult time for many businesses, sports clubs and charities as no one is immune from the impact of the Corona Virus.

The problem is that when everyone is asking you for money, to contribute to just giving pages and asking for donations, it is hard for us to break through the “noise” that this scramble creates and for us to get noticed.

We know that it is all too easy to dismiss this and think that this is just one more fund-raising drive, but it’s not.

That’s why we’re having a raffle. 

We’re not just asking for money we want to give you something back and thanks to some generous donations we have some fantastic prizes that you can win – just in time for Christmas. 

Starved of the normal funds that we would get from playing a full cricket season and the numerous events that we host such as weddings, the club does need your support to see us through to the end of the pandemic.

The thing is, RCC is more than a cricket club it is the beating heart of the Ramsbottom community. 

There will be very few people locally who have not used the cricket club. But some of you might well be asking why should I support the cricket club when there are so many other worthy causes that could benefit more – “what has the cricket club ever done for me?” 

Well to name but a few: birthday parties, weddings, christenings, funerals, music festivals, bonfires, bike shows, flower shows, wine tasting, gin tasting, whiskey tasting, beer festivals, kids club, yoga, table tennis, rounders, weight watchers, summer clubs, karaoke, dominos, darts, pigeon club, northern soul, race nights, Ramsbottom United – some of you may have even come down to watch and play cricket and when the pandemic hit hard and Ramsbottom’s food bank needed somewhere to base themselves, the cricket club were asked and responded with a resounding yes. 

Ramsbottom Cricket Club has been at the centre of the local community since 1845 and as well as the above, we provide a great facility for people of all ages to compete in the sport that they love and we need just a little from you to keep us there. 

A £5 raffle ticket gives you the chance to win an iPad, 50” Smart TV, £250 Amazon Voucher, £100 Selfridges Voucher, Cheese Hamper, Xmas Hamper, Meat Hamper, Chocolate Hamper and many more prizes.

We would like to thank you for the many ways in which you have all supported the cricket club over the years and we wish you the best of luck in the raffle.